Organic & Natural LIQUID CASTILE SOAP - 100 % olive oil

olive oil liquid soap in post consumer recycled bottles


Pure Spanish Liquid Soap made with extra virgin olive oil..

Our Olive Oil Spanish Castile is a pure liquid soap made with the finest ingredients, extra virgin olive oil from a small local production and distilled water.. nothing else!. These soaps are especially suitable for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities and allergies related to detergents. For those who prefer their soaps with a little fragrance, we offer several variations that have a little natural essential oil added. Liquid soaps have a multitude of uses ( some we have listed below) and are an excellent body wash, hand wash, shower soap and shampoo.

Natural Organic Ingredients, No SLS, No Palm Oil, No Animal Testing..

Andalucia Soap Company Castile soap is free from harsh surfactants such as SLS and detergents, contains no chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrance and no artificial colourants. No alcohol or thickeners, they are 100% organic, completely bio degradable and have a multitude of uses. They are palm oil free, not tested on animals and are suitable for vegan lifestyles.

Low Impact, Environmentaly Friendly, 100% Bio Degradeable..

We use a unique cold process in the production of this product and we believe that these are the only castile liquid soaps commercially available worldwide that are not cooked or boiled. As with our natural bar soap, nothing is heated above the ambient air temperature. This method not only ensures that the oil we use retains its beneficial qualities making the resulting soap mild and suitable for the most sensitive skin types, but also that they are produced in an environmentaly friendly and low impact manner. They soaps are 100% bio degardeable and are packaged in post consumer recycled material.

If you prefer a solid bar soap, then try our pure castile bars

pure and natural spanish castile available in several natural fragrances

200ml / 7.4oz - 5,99 euro
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Truly versatile, Some Castile Soap Uses..

The 200ml / 7.4oz bottles are very concentrated and go a long way. Apart from the obvious use as a hand wash, body wash and shower soap, natural organic Castile liquid soap has many other applications, making it the perfect little all rounder for those on the run.

Anti bacterial Surface Cleaner:
add 2-3 tablespoons of castile soap liquid to a liter of water with a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in a spray bottle and you have a powerful anti bacterial spray that is bio degradable leaves your kitchen and bathroom clean and smelling naturally fresh. Try the same with a little lemon oil as a dashboard and cockpit cleaner for the car.

Back Packing, Camping, Hiking:
A small bottle of ASC Castile is the perfect little all in oner for keeping the weight down to a minimum for those cycling, back packing, hiking and camping trips. Use for washing yourself, your clothes, your pots, pans, plates etc etc. And remember, its completely bio degradeable, so you are not polluting rivers or streams.

Stain Remover:
A little castile rubbed into a fabric stain and left for a while before washing works very well on a multitude of stains.

Tooth Paste alternative:
We have tried this out and it works fine. Not to every ones taste, but an interesting alternative to commercial tooth pastes containing chemical foam boosters such as SLS.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash:
Great for cleaning the skins of fruit that have been sprayed with pesticides before consumption. Use 1-2 teaspoons in 1 liter of water. Best to use the un fragranced soap for this purpose.

Plant Lice Spray:
We are not gardeners or plant experts, but we have had great success removing plant lice that were destroying our hibiscus bushes here in the factory garden. We added a few teaspoons to a litre of water and sprayed the bushes about 3 times over a week or so. The bugs have gone and the plants are well recovered.


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