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Andalucia Soap Company natural Castilla soap is made with 100% extra virgin olive oil. Not just any oil, but an exceptional unfiltered oil from a small producer who has his grove very close to our factory here in Málaga province. We have become good friends with the producers who supply us with their "green gold" and we are very proud to be able to obtain such high quality ingredients for these products. Real castile was the first soap made with vegetable oil instead of animal fats and it soon became clear that olive was the superior oil for fine soap. The name Castile has been sadly corrupted and abused over the years with many companies and soap makers using either low grade solvent extracted oil designated for industrial purpose, or only a small percentage of the real stuff along with cheap filler oils such as palm, canola etc. If you are looking for the real thing then make sure that it is made only with extra virgin olive and nothing else!. The soaps you will find here, as with all of our soaps, are handmade, pure and free from harsh detergents and surfactants and a pleasure to use. After cutting and stamping by our master soap maker, they are stacked to cure for several weeks in the warm mediterranean sun before being sold. These are the finest, true Spanish soaps available.


Pure Andalucian olive oil soaps have a very creamy and gentle lather, making them extremely mild and gentle and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types, even babies and small children. They are excellent for people who suffer from allergies and sensitivities to synthetic detergent ingredients that are found in most skin care products these days. As with all of our natural soaps, this classic castile collection is made in a cold process whereby the oil is not heated above ambient temperature so as not to destroy its moisturising benefits. During this process a high percentage of natural glycerin is produced. Glycerin is a natural humectant and a great moisturiser and due to the fact that we use un-filtered oil means that there is a fair amount of suspension (tiny olive fruit particles) left in the oil that adds a mild and creamy richness that sets these soaps apart from the rest.


The ingredients used in these products are completely ethical and sustainable, in fact everything is of Spanish origin except for one or two of the essential oils that we include in the fragranced soaps. The cold process method of production we employ in the making of these bars is extremely low impact and apart from the man power involved, no electricity or other power source is used in their production. They are 100% biodegradable and we ensure that no animal testing has been carried out on any of our ingredients.

if you prefer a liquid soap, then try our liquid castile made with the same precious ingredients

olive and lavender


We blend high altitude French lavender with a little Moroccan cedar wood that we obtain from our friends just across the water from us and add to this soap. lavender has always been a favourite of many for its calming and soothing fragrance and the reason why we include it in our classic castile range of bars.

Ingredients: saponified organic extra virgin olive oil. water.lavender essential oil.french clay(natural pigment)

castilla with extra virgin olive oil


The original true Spanish Castile soap made with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and nothing else!. Extremely mild and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types and people who are sensitive to detergents, chemicals and fragrances. We use the finest grade of olive oil for these soaps that we obtain from a small local producer.
Note..We have received several emails from customers asking why our Castilla puro is white and not green?. Fact is that olive oil makes white soap unless colour is added. Castile was in fact once known as "The white soap"
Ingredients: saponified organic extra virgin olive oil. water

extremely mild aloe vera bar


This is an unfragranced bar to which we add Spanish Aloe Vera in a high concentration. It is, as with all true castile soaps, exceptionally mild and gentle and is suitable for all skin types, especially very sensitive and mature damaged skin. Many of our customers use this for their young children and babies.

Ingredients: saponified organic extra virgin olive oil. water. aloe vera. olive chlorophyll(natural colour)

olive oil bar with laurel


A classic castile bar with the addition of fresh steam extracted and wonderfully fragrant Spanish laurel oil. Soaps containing laurel ( bay) have been known and loved in middle eastern countries and hot climates for centuries due to its anti septic cleansing and purifying qualities.

Ingredients: saponified organic extra virgin olive oil. water. spanish laurel oil. french clay(natural pigment)

damask rose castile soap made with rose absolute oil


Loved by both women and men in the orient and middle east. our Damask Rose Castile is made with the same fantastic olive oil that we use for our other soaps, but with the inclusion of very precious rose absolute oil.

Ingredients: saponified organic extra virgin olive oil. water. rose absolute. french clay (natural pigment)


Andalucia Soap Company Pure Castile soaps are also available for wholesale customers. Please use the contact form on our pages for prices, quantities etc.

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Please Note! Because we only use natural colours, these may vary slightly from batch to batch


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