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organic body scrub

Ghassoul or Rhassoul clay from Morocco has been used in beauty care for many centuries and was known to the ancient Romans and Egyptians. It has a deep cleansing action that absorbs any excess impurities from the skin, helping to de-stress and de-toxify your skin. We also add natural oils of avocado and olive to the recipe, vegetable glycerine and shea butter with pure essential oils that will gently stimulate the circulation. Use once or twice a week, apply in a thin layer to the skin for approx. 5 minutes and remove with warm water.

200g €22.75

A wonderfully natural body scrub containing extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and organic mediterranean sea salt. The fine sea salt crystals gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells whilst the oils and butters soothe and regenerate the skin.

200g €16.50

Our massage oils consist of carrier oils such as Extra Virgin Olive, Sweet Almond, Carrot and Avocado, we add blends of essential oils to these to bring you a truly natural massage experience without petro-chemical additives. The oils are available in 150ml flip top bottles and in the following blends

Sport. with olive oil, avocado oil, eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint.
SENSUAL. with olive oil, sweet almond oil, jasmine,ylang,patchouli, grapefruit, frankincense, howood.
RELAXING. with olive oil, carrot oil, orange lavender, lemon, rose geranium, cedarwood.

150ml €8.50
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